• GeoVision

    The Regional Leaders in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Automated Vehicle Tracking (AVL) Solutions.

    Since 1998, GeoVision has established its presence as a regional technology leader in providing turnkey Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions.

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    About Us

    • GeoVision has developed and deployed a multitude of enterprise GIS and AVL systems for many clients from the public and private sectors in the region, and has existing implementations in KSA, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, and Kazakhstan. GeoVision head-offices are based in Beirut, Lebanon, with a network of business partners and multiple sales and support satellite locations and teams serving the different countries and customers.

    • GeoVision has also delved into vehicle tracking and logistics routing, supplying major institutions with bilingual, feature-rich, customer-tailored applications for online and offline fleet management, dispatch centers, automatic routing and navigation applications. Moreover, GeoVision exploits its long experience in vehicle tracking devices to suggest the units that best suit customer needs and requirements, not to mention unit installation and the integration of other in-vehicle sensors and peripherals.

  • Our Products

    GeoVision has developed many products and services, with customized tools to enhance geo-marketing, geo-analysis and on-demand reporting. In addition to our desktop solutions, GeoVision has developed significant experience in designing web-based GIS solutions, both for the Internet and intranet, where multiple users with various levels of access rights can use one centralized system to produce geographical reports and map printouts, in addition to performing map browsing. Our major products lines are:

    Enterprise GIS Solution

    a Web-Based Parametric GIS System for Publishing, Manipulating, Analyzing and Updating GIS layers&data, developed by GeoVision.

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    Enterprise AVL (Vehicle-Tracking & Monitoring) Solution

    a GIS–GPS–GSM technology based system, developed by GeoVision.

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    Field Force Management Solution

    a GIS–GPS–GSM technology based system, developed by GeoVision

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  • Services

    GeoVision has developed an internet vehicle tracking service to suit different requirements. The developed service is a web-based application that is accessible over the inernet. This service includes detailed track analysis reports as well as warning notifications in order to provide the users with powerful and intelligent tools that allow seamless management of large fleets.

    On-line Tracking
    Monitor the movements of your fleet of mobile assets on-line
    • Your in-car GPS units are connected through a communication network (GSM, Tetra, Radio, Satellite,...) to the base server.
    • View the geographic position of your vehicles in real time using GeoVision’s GIS interface.
    • Communicate with your fleet through sending and receiving messages.
    • Activate automatic warnings. The system will automatically warn you based on a set of predefined events.

    Track the movements of your fleet of mobile assets off-line
    • Your in-car GPS units record your vehicles’ movements during the day on its internal memory based on a pre-set frequency.
    • Download the data from the GPS units and view the geographic tracks of your vehicles over GeoVision’s maps at the end of each day.

    Track and Audit Analysis
    Track the movements of your fleet of mobile assets off-line
    • Produce a daily log of the vehicles’ trips that includes: major stops, their time, duration and location.
    • Print related maps showing the different vehicle tracks.
    • Run special analysis modules that check on route conformity, driving misuse,... and automatically report abnormalities.

    The detailed log is accompanied by a map illustrating the geographic track of the vehicle.
    The map can be customized to indicate:
    • Planned itinerary v/s actual track
    • Planned stops v/s actual stops
    • Vehicle speed
    • Any specific tracking information required by the user

    GeoVision’s software interface allows you to:
    • Navigate GeoVision’s maps
    • Search for map features
    • Plan and draw vehicle itineraries
    • Define perimeters and territories
    • Download GPS data
    • View single or multiple vehicle tracks
    • Play back vehicle track in accelerated time
    • Compare planned itinerary to actual track
    • Manage vehicle tracking records
    • Print vehicle tracking reports
    • Print maps
    • Apply different legends to maps

  • Jobs

    Job Opening
    Title: Project Delivery Team Member. (Male)
    Vacancies: 1
    Location: Lebanon
    Reports to: Project Delivery Manager

    Job Description
    1. Client Support, On-Call or On-Site. Receiving tickets and problems, troubleshooting/analyzing and submitting to technical team, and follow-up on closing tickets.
    2. Test and QC Software Applications, Debugging, Troubleshooting.
    3. Analysis and Documentation of new client's requests and requirements and Clearly convey them to the technical team.
    4. Document Functionalities of Software Applications and prepare Manuals.
    5. Perform End-User training and prepare the Training Materials.
    6. Maintain excellent relationships with the customers.
    7. Be available as required to support the on-call day and night (24X7)
    8. Pre-Go-Live and Go-Live client support on SITE.

    Minimum Requirements / Knowledge / Skills
    1. BS in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable university.
    2. Good technical skills in software’s Testing and troubleshooting.
    3. Very good experience with Microsoft OS (ex: Win 7, Server 2003, 2008, etc…).
    4. Very good experience with MS-Office (Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint)
    5. Microsoft or Cisco certificates are a plus.
    6. Familiar with Firewalls, Clustering, Sockets & Ports.
    7. Familiar with PDA’s, and GPS.
    8. Familiar with Java, ASP, HTML, .Net, IIS.
    9. Familiar with MS-SQL.
    10. Excellent communication skills (oral and written, English and Arabic)
    11. Relevant experience (requirements gathering, documentation…) is a plus.
    12. Able to organize and prioritize work in a multi-task environment
    13. Able to meet deadlines, follow through commitment and suggest corrective action where appropriate
    14. Ability to work off-hours and outside normal working hours.
    15. Ability to travel up to 80%
    16. HARD WORKER, stress tolerant, and ready to stand up and bear the Delivery Tasks Challenges (Long Travel Hours, Late Night Tasks, etc…)

    Job Terms
    1. Base office in Lebanon
    2. Targeted clients are offshore (frequent travel).
    3. Long term commitment based on the above scope of work

    Job Gross Salary.
    1. 1.2k $ after 6 months. (Gross)
    2. 1.4K $ after 12 months. (Gross)
    3. Listing in NSSF after 3 months’ probation

  • Our Address

    GeoVision s.a.l
    Jnah – Nadim Fakhry Bldg “South For Construction Bldg “ - 3rd Floor


    50219 Beirut – Lebanon


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    GeoVision’s technical teams have successfully implemented different
    1- Enterprise GIS systems
    2- Enterprise Vehicle Tracking and Dispatching Systems
    3- GIS Mapping and Data Collection projects

    in the following business fields and for the following key clients:

    In the Public Sector:
    · For municipalities (Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah Municipalities in KSA)
    · For economic development authorities (Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Saida and the South in Lebanon)
    · For water and irrigation network management (Litani River Authority in Lebanon)
    · For wastewater network management (South for Construction in Lebanon, and Oman Wastewater Services Company in Muscat Governorate)
    · For agriculture planning and research entities (Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute)
    · For ministries and public planning agencies (Ministry of Transport in KSA, Ministry of Culture in Lebanon, Ashghal in Qatar)
    · For public safety authorities (Lebanese Internal Security Forces, Mobile Speed Unit - MSU Jeddah)
    · For urban planning and land management authorities (Council for Development and Reconstruction in Lebanon, Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu in KSA, ArRiyadh Development Authority in KSA)

    In the Private Sector:
    · For telecom operators (LibanCell and MTC Touch in Lebanon, Du in UAE)
    · For couriers (Aramex and DHL)
    · For solid waste collection companies (Dallah in KSA, Averda-Sukleen in Lebanon)
    · For banking industry (Banque Audi in Lebanon and Jordan, Lebanese Bank Association in Lebanon, Saudi American Bank in KSA)
    · For electric utilities (Saudi Electric Company in KSA)
    · For FMCG distribution companies (Juma-Al-Majed in UAE, Pepsi-cola, Coca-cola and Transmed in Lebanon)
    · For transport and taxi companies (Smart Taxi in Jordan)
    · For fuel distribution companies (TOTAL – lebanon)
    · For multi-activity companies (Juma-Al-Majed group of companies in UAE)
    · For NGOs (United Nations Development Program)
    · For Pertroleum International Companies (Saudi Aramco)

  • Enterprise GIS Solution

    a Web-Based Parametric GIS System for Publishing, Manipulating, Analyzing and Updating GIS layers&data, developed by GeoVision

    Main Features

    Quick Access to Geographical Features
    - Quick Search Functionality based on Feature ID or Attribute to Locate on Map
    - Parametric Grouping &Filtering&Listing Options to Facilitate Access to Features
    - Automatic Pop-up of Located Feature Attributes

    Pre-Defined and On-the-Fly Queries
    - Parametrically Pre-Defined Tabular Queries with Input and Multiple Output Result TABs
    - Dynamic Query Builder with option to save&publish Queries for re-use
    - On-The-Fly Mapping of Tabular Results on the Map with Parametric Legending
    - Geographical Queries to Retrieve Features from the Map (based on intersection with point, line, polygon, circle)

    Drill-Down Query Functionality
    - Call Parametric Drill-Down Queries from any Feature Attributes Results or any Tabular Query Results
    - (Use Preliminary Queries Results and Attributes to Fire further Drill-Down Queries)

    Powerful Export Tools
    - Export all Query Results in Tabular Format to PDF or Excel
    - Export Map in PDF format

    Powerful Collaboration Tools
    - Tools for Maps Annotation & Drawings (red lining)
    - Saving and Exporting Annotations & User Drawings
    - Online Collaboration Tool allowing Users to open Live Sharing Sessions and Share Map View and Annotations&Drawings &Chatting

    Map & Attributes Editing & Updating Capabilities
    - Map Editing tools
    - Attributes Editing Tools
    - Group Change of Attributes based on Tabular Query or Geographical Selection

    Querying External Database Sources
    - Tabular Query Tools that can Extract Data from External Sources and Map results on-the-fly with Parametric Legending
    - Overlay geo-referenced CAD and IMAGE files on-the-fly on the Map

    Two Way Integration with 3rd Party Systems
    - GIS System two-way integration with Asset Management, Document Management, ERP, SCADA… systems.
    - Using GIS System Query results to call other Systems
    - Allowing GIS system to be called from other System to Display Location of one of group of Features & related Attributes

    Data & Functionality driven User Access Rights
    - Tools to define Access Rights for Different Users based on Allowed Data and Functionality Access

    GIS-Base for Additional GeoVision Modules & Functionality
    - Enterprise GIS System from GeoVision can be considered as the Technical Platform on top of which other Modules & Functionality can be offered including:
    a)Enterprise AVL (Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring) Solution
    b)Field Force Management Solution

    Highly Configurable System Based on Latest Technologies
    - System is based on GIS, and FLEX interface technologies
    - System is Highly Parametric where different GIS data sources and different Output Queries and Integrations can be configured easily

  • Enterprise AVL (Vehicle-Tracking & Monitoring) Solution

    a GIS–GPS–GSM technology based system, developed by GeoVision

    Main Features

    Plan Vehicle Routes & Stops Geographically
    - Record or Import Visit Locations into System
    - Plan Routes & Stops Locations on the Map (sequence, timing, duration)
    - Recall Pre-Planned Routes for Viewing&Analysis

    LIVE Tracking of Vehicles
    - LIVE Map Output Showing all Vehicles Location
    - LIVE Tabular Output showing all Vehicles Tracking Status & Current Address
    - Locate / Zoom to one or group of Vehicles on the Map & Retrieve Tracking Status and Details
    - Online Monitoring of Vehicles Tracking Technical Connectivity Status

    LIVE Auditing & Alerts
    - LIVE Auditing of Vehicles Routes&Stops versus Planned
    - LIVE Alerting in relation to Detected Deviations from Planned Routes & Stops
    - LIVE Alerting in relation to Technical Connectivity Status
    - LIVE Email and SMS Alerting based on Parametrically defined Business Rules

    Sensors Feed From Vehicle & Vehicle Remote-Control
    - LIVE Feed from Sensors connected to the Tracking Unit
    - Transfer of multiple Digital and Analog data to Command Center Tracking System
    - Designated Users can Remotely Control the Vehicle (Lock, Immobilize)

    Intelligent Automatic Audit Reporting
    - Periodical Automatic Auditing Reporting (in relation to deviation from business rules and plans)
    - Automatic Periodical Emailing to Designated Users

    Map-Based History Analysis for Optimization
    - Geographical Analysis of Visits and Stops Distribution of one or group of Vehicles Versus Planned Work based on user parametric input criteria
    - Playback of one or group of Vehicles to Simulate Historical Happenings

    Highly Configurable System Based on Latest Technologies
    - System is based on GIS, GPS, GSM, and FLEX interface technologies
    - System is Highly Parametric where different Business Rules and Auditing Criteria can be adapted easily

  • Field Force Management Solution

    a GIS–GPS–GSM technology based system, developed by GeoVision

    Main Features

    Record, Plan and Schedule Field Tasks Geographically
    - Record or Import Tasks into System
    - Visualize Tasks Locations on the Map and Group and Schedule
    - For Online Allocation: Visualize Field Team locations v/s Tasks locations

    Receive & Manage Tasks on Field Team Computing Devices
    - Receive Detailed Task Details
    - Integrated Navigation with map/voice-guidance to Task Location
    - Filling Feedback Forms related to accomplished Tasks
    - Attaching Photos collected from the field
    - Online Communication with Dispatchers

    Manage Operations from Dispatch Command Center
    - Visualize 3 screens of LIVE information on Detailed Tasks and Statistics and Map Location of Field Teams & Tasks
    - Respond to LIVE alerts generated by the system regarding deviations and delays
    - Inquire about Tasks Status, Task Feedback Forms filled by Field Teams, Field Team location v/s Allocated Tasks
    - Update Tasks and perform Dynamic Re-Allocation to Field Teams as needed
    - Online Communication with Field Teams

    LIVE Alerting & Reporting to Users, Management & Customers
    - Live Alerts Fired by System based on Parametrically set Business Rules
    - Large Screen Dynamic Reporting Applications
    - Web Applications Reporting
    - SMS and Email Alerting & Reporting

    History Analysis and Optimization
    - Review and Analysis of all Tasks and Alerts/Transactions Performed by the different Users
    - Geographical Analysis of Tasks Locations and Field Teams Movement

    Highly Configurable System Based on Latest Technologies
    - System is based on GIS, GPS, PDA, GSM, Database Replication, FLEX interface technologies
    - System is Highly Parametric where different Tasks & Feedback Forms & Reports & Workflows can be adapted easily

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