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Since year 2000, GeoVision has established its presence as a regional technology leader in providing turnkey enterprise solutions including: Geographic Information Systems (GIS),Geographic centric Automated Vehicle Tracking and Auditing & Monitoring (AVL), and Dispatch & Field Force Management Systems with integrated Field Mobile Solutions (FFMS)

GeoVision has developed and deployed a multitude of enterprise GIS, AVL and FFMS systems for many key clients from the public and private sectors throughout the Arabic Gulf & Middle East region, and has existing implementations in KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon. GeoVision head-offices are based in Beirut Lebanon, with a network of regional business partners and multiple sales and technical support satellite locations and teams serving the different countries and customers

Our Solutions

Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Centric Application that can be parameterized to integrate different types of fixed assets & networks & map layers, and allow parametric search & querying & analysis & management of integrated elements with advanced maps visualization. System can be delivered to work with either ESRI-GIS technologies or Internet Google maps. GeoVision Implementation Examples include GIS for Building-Regulations, Electric-Network, Traffic-Management, Oil-Pipeline-Network, Schools & Education, Waste & Pest-Management, Water & Wastewater-Networks, Agriculture, Geo-Marketing & Network-Optimization for Banks & Distribution…

Enterprise Fleet Management System (AVL)

Geographic Centric Application (based on ESRI-GIS technologies or Internet Google maps) that provides fleet management and vehicle tracking functionalities with Live Tracking and Historical Reporting. Intelligent Auditing Reports & Alerting can be parameterized to fit multiple business needs. GeoVision Implementation Examples include AVL for Workforce field-teams, Law Enforcement, Waste-Collection, Fuel Distribution, Couriers, Transport Services, Maintenance Services…

Enterprise Dispatch and Field Force Management System (FFMS)

GeoVision Enterprise Dispatch and Field Force Management System is an advanced, powerful, up-to-date, ready, generic platform that can be parameterized in record time to service different customer needs.

The platform is a Geographic Centric Workflow Solution allowing creation & dispatching & monitoring of field-work tasks (to service Customers, Assets, …) within a complete parametric back-office & field-work cycle (including advanced tools & functions servicing Call-Center, Dispatch, Field-Work, Quality-Control, Customer-Communication, and Management), with integrated maps interface accessible to all levels of system users (based on ESRI-GIS technologies or Internet Google maps).

Since 2009, GeoVision has engaged in providing Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Enterprise Field Force Management Solutions (FFMS) to key Electricity companies in the Arab Gulf Region. Several different departments, responsible for different types of operations, have benefited from the implemented solutions, totaling in 2017 more than 10 million serviced Subscribers, through more than 10 thousand distinct Users, handling more than 5 million Processes.

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