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Since year 2000, GeoVision has established its presence as a regional technology leader in providing turnkey enterprise solutions

GeoVision has invested in advanced, powerful, up-to-date, ready, generic platforms that can be parameterized in record time to service different customer needs:

Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geographic centric asset & data management and analysis

Enterprise Fleet Management Systems (AVL)
Geographic centric vehicle tracking and intelligent auditing & monitoring

Enterprise Dispatch and Field Force Management Systems (FFMS)
Geographic centric field-force dispatch & monitoring workflow with integrated field mobile solution

Wide Range of Serviced Business Sectors
Large Number of Key Clients & Key Projects handled successfully over the past years, with Key Business Sectors Serviced:
Infrastructure: Electricity, Telecom, Water & Waste-Water, Oil Pipelines…
Transport, Distribution & Finance: Banks, Couriers, Distributors, Transport Service Providers…
Local Government & Law Enforcement: Municipalities, Ministries, Security Agencies, Urban Planning, Waste & Pest Management, Inspections…

Experienced Team
Focused and Skilled Workforce based in Lebanon, with Satellite Operations in the different serviced countries

Regional Operations
Operating in Multiple Countries with a Network of Valued Business Partners: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Lebanon.

GeoVision’s International Partnerships with Technology Partners
GeoVision has built strategic partnerships with world-class technology providers to integrate their offerings within GeoVision suite of products & services and be able to provide end-clients with the latest optimal technologies.

Project Management, Implementation, and Maintenance Services
GeoVision maintains a competitive edge due to its commitment to building and installing highly integrated systems. GeoVision team of project managers guide the entire building/installation process from start to finish – from gathering information from the client to the final installation at the customer’s site after passing a thorough and rigorous testing by our Quality Assurance specialists. We go the extra mile to make sure our solution is installed with the customization levels your agency needs to succeed. After full system deployment & rollout, GeoVision offers multi-levels of maintenance & support services through telephone, email, Internet remote access, and site-visits by our specialized support staff members and regional partners.

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