Enterprise Dispatch and Field Force Management System (FFMS)

GeoVision Enterprise Dispatch and Field Force Management System is an advanced, powerful, up-to-date, ready, generic platform that can be parameterized in record time to service different customer needs.

Following are some of the main features offered in this platform:


• Create Tasks in the system using smart task creation tools. Tasks can be created in bulk or one-by-one, through assigning tasks to picked elements from the interactive GIS map and/or from querying tabular data.

• Receive Tasks into the system added by the call center using our in-house developed call taker application, or added by validated users using our in-house developed mobile application to fit the client requirements and business rules.

• Import Tasks into the system from third party systems via seamless automated integration methods.


• View current and future work load status and geographic distribution using the three Screens Configuration tabs: Tasks List, Field Teams List, GIS Map Display (Tasks & Field Teams).

• Select, Group and Allocate tasks to field teams directly from the GIS map or from the tasks list after applying the needed filters using Intelligent Support Tools for Task allocation based on Tasks Type & Priority, Tasks Location, Field Teams Location, Field Teams Expertise and Work Load, previously closed tasks feedback.

• Parameterize and activate automated dispatch tools that create optimized routes and allocate tasks to available field teams, based on multiple constraints as defined in business rules.


• Receive Detailed Tasks information and attachments (photos, PDF, Excel, URL…) on field device.

• Visualize Current Location and Tasks Locations on map & Plan optimal route based on traffic conditions, travel distance, travel time, tasks priority.

• Navigate to tasks locations with map/voice-guidance from within the application.

• Fill Feedback Forms to reflect work done, customizable to fit each client business needs and parameterizable to implement a pre-defined logical workflow in data & feedback capturing, and attach relative media (Photos & Videos & Digital signature). The field application can identify barcodes using the device camera and issue & print invoices & receipts where needed.

• Search into Back Office Database and GIS layers from the field, with the ability to display results on map with visible GIS layers.

• Work Offline when outside GSM-data coverage and the data will synch automatically when connection is restored.

• Two-way Messaging with Dispatcher eliminating the need of other communication methods.

• Field device will seamlessly act as a tracking device reporting field location to the Back Office.


• Monitor Tasks Status & Field Teams work load and their geographical location through 3 screens display (Tasks list, Field Teams list, GIS map with Tasks & Field-Teams).

• Respond to LIVE alerts generated by the system for new tasks, delayed tasks or any deviations and escalated tasks by directly taking corrective measures and benefiting from the system suggested actions.

• View Communication Connectivity status with active field teams thus eliminating any miscommunication and exchange of data & receive related alerts accordingly.

• Review Task Feedback and attached media as received from field and react accordingly, noting that the process can be automated based on predefined business rules (creating follow ups, share feedback via the system or to external systems as needed…).

• Two-way Messaging with Field teams eliminating the need of other communication methods.


• Communicate with the end customer via in house developed APP for public use according to requested business rules, and/or through SMS/Email… keeping the customers up to date with their related tasks status and sharing with them the execution feedback with all related information and media (directly via APP or using external URLs).

• Receive customer feedback about completed tasks that needed his intervention electronically through the application or using external URLs.

• Collect the customer service evaluation and satisfaction level via the application or by external URLs provided within an SMS/Email.


• Handling Delayed Tasks Alerts (or other parameterizable alert requirements as per business rules) in a seamless escalation and follow-up workflow.

• Receive and follow up on customer service evaluation and satisfaction feedback.

• Historical and Geographical Analysis of workflow details to optimize quality and efficiency.


• Tabular, Graphical & Geographical visualization of LIVE workload & KPIs via parametric dashboards.

• Tabular, Graphical & Geographical analysis of historical data using parametric reporting tools.

• Drill Down on Customer, Asset, and Field Team/Users detailed status & history.


• Adaptable to Different Business Requirements and Operational Workflows with Parametric Work-Forms & Procedures with the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems.

• Proven Large Number of Key Clients & Key Projects handled successfully over the past years, with Key Business Sectors Serviced:

o Infrastructure: Electricity, Telecom, Water & Waste-Water, Oil Pipelines…

o Distribution & Finance: Banks, Couriers, Distributors, Transport Service Providers…

o Local Government & Law Enforcement: Municipalities, Ministries, Security Agencies, Urban Planning, Waste & Pest Management, Inspections…

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